Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Shower 2011

My sweet cousin came instead of her sisters high
school graduation!! Love you Nessa!
My sisters Steph and Kenzie who helped

with the shower!
Two of my really good friends Cho and Staci!Chelsea and I grew up together and she had a blanket called "pinky"that she carried everywhere she went. So she gave me one for my little girl so she can have her own "pinky"
My sister in law Jenna who did a ton to make sure my baby shower was

adorable, she did all the decorations and gave me these cute little homemade hair things!
Nikki and Gemma Pittman who made me an adorable baby quilt! I love it!
Some of the neighborhood ladies and my family members went in with a group gift and got us our car seat! Thanks!
Markie Mark who decided to drop by! I am excepting those cowboy boots! haha jk
Thanks Gemma for making the cupcakes!
Kelsie is due this week! good luck kels!
Cute swimsuit that the Webbs gave me! Love it!

Thanks Lo and Talese for coming!
Sister'a Sister'a! Our babies are only going to be six weeks apart! They are going to love eachoether!
Amazing food and drinks!

Cute little me when I was about 9 months!

The shower was amazing and I am so grateful for the people in my life! Thanks for the neighbors and friends that supported me! I truly appreciate it! Also I am so grateful for my lovely family who pulled this whole thing off! I couldn't have done it with out them! Love you!!