Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Break in St. George

This past weekend we went down to St. George with Ned, Marianne, and Kenzie. It was a fun relaxing weekend. We went boating, swimming, laid by the pool, and played tennis. It was super fun going boating I haven't done that since last year, because of my pregnancy this year! It was much needed weekend for me, I haven't felt the sun like that in a long time. Thanks hun for letting me go down earlier! Love ya!
Paytons first time in the swimming pool
Thanks Mama Marie for the adorable swim suit!

For first time, she did really good! It was fun to see her reaction to the water and trying to figure out what was going on.
Hanging out with Grandma B. while we went tubing, thanks grandma!

She is squinting because it was a little bright for her! haha
Relaxing with Grandpa
Enjoying the lake and gorgeous weather.
Isn't she just adorable!

The hat was a little big!

Hiking Stewart Falls!

A couple of weeks ago, I told Nick that I wanted to go on a Hike in the Mtns because right now in Utah the leaves are changing and the trees are absolutely gorgeous! So we decided to hike Stewart Falls.

Well hello Nicholas!

Payton's First Hike! She did great!

When I mention that we sort of got there, we didn't exactly get to the fall. We were in a huge rush, we had some company coming to our house for the BYU game. We didn't realized it was going to take us as long. So we took some pictures up top, but we could still see the falls. It was an absolute gorgeous day and we enjoyed it. Also we got a really good work out, adding another ten pounds helps! haha

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Payton's first pumpkin carving!

Payton chillin' in her bouncer while we are doing all the work!
Ok while Nick was doing all the work and I was taking pictures
She got a little tired.....surprise surprise

The end result, not the best but we had fun!

Yesterday Nick surprised me with a pumpkin to carve! I have told him since we starting dating that I love to carve pumpkins around this time of year. Well he was a sweetheart and this year we finally did it (even though he hates doing it). We had FHE that night and for our activity we carved a pumpkin. It super fun to start out our new traditions together with our little family. We found out that we aren't the best pumpkin carvers, but we had fun and enjoyed it. We also roasted some pumpkin seeds in the oven, which was fun to try something new.

Patyon's Blessing day!

All my amazing friends that were able to come
Nick's old roommates and wives!
Very lovely grandparents!
Bushnell Family
Hartley and Smith Family
Hartley Fam
Grandma Sydney
All the men that were in the circle
Happy Parents
Love my Miss Payton

My favorite Picture!

Look how big she is getting!

Last Sunday Payton got blessed by her dad Nicholas. It was such a great day, had all our family there to support us and many friends. After the blessing we went over to my parents house to have a brunch, which was super delicious. Thanks for everyone who brought stuff. Thanks mom and dad for letting its do it at your house! It was a little stressful weekend making sure we had everything together, but in the end it was perfect. The Hartley's came down on Saturday and we went to eat and went bowling. Which was super fun to have them down here again. We are so grateful for the people in our lives and that they will be in Payton's live also! Also want to make a shot out to Tad Baker who took this amazing pictures! Thanks Tad we really appreciate that you are willing to share you talent with us!