Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Having a good time with Grandma and Cowboy Grandpa
Ignore Nicks finger, the only good picture of Payton and I.
Isn't she cute!
Taking pictures with Aunt Kenzie, Brynnie, and Bryton
Bryton adores her which is so cute to watch
Oh cute!

Well it was Payton's first Halloween and she did great! We actually went trick or treating and she loved it. It was really surprising, when we were walking around from house to house she was smiling and talking the whole time. The nice thing was that the weather was amazing and we felt like it was warm enough for her to be outside! We just went to some of our close neighbors, everyone thought she was adorable and so do we! But hey what can we say, we are her parents! haha . It was also fun to go with her cousin's Bryton and Brynn. We are excited for further years of trick or treating and hope that they are as good as this year was!