Wednesday, January 30, 2013

St. George Winter Break

Sadly Payton was as good at flying a kite as her parents....not good at all.

One of Paytons animal noises is that of a monkey and she is slowly becoming one.

She's not sure why it is so warm outside.
Pretty ripped huh?
It wasn't much of a hike but it was worth the view.

Paytons is already taking after her mother, taking pictures of herself.

Anothering thing that she is getting from her mother, blonde curly hair.

How old are you Payton?

You can't question her love for apples.
This is suppose to be a waterfall.  
 Angels landing Hike

A father cannot be prouder of his little girls first mustache.

By the way I, Nick have taken over the position of writing the blog. Kim uploads the pictures and I write the comments so if you are ever confused by where the comments come from, now you know.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Break

 More stuffed animal obsessions
 At temple square enjoying the christmas lights 
 Payton didn't really enjoy Santa Claus, maybe because he is a weird old dude that likes little kids to sit on his lap?  (Nick wrote that last part)
 Sledding with the Bushnell Family.  Payton didn't like sledding so 
she enjoyed sitting on Grandpa's lap.

 Aren't we adorable
 Nick and I are trying to become swimmers with the help of Jenna.  

 Bowling with the Bushnell's (Hartley's didn't bring their A game)

 We loved our PJs from both Grandparents

Payton's new toys, she loves the shopping cart.

 Doesn't like the musical instruments.  Gets it from her dad.
 I helped my husband become more obsessed with Peyton.

 My friend Hillary gave this outfit to Payton for Christmas, isn't it super cute.

(from Nick) We just had to sleep over at the Bushnell's like when Kimmy was a kid. We did the line up and everything.  Not quite the same when you help put out all of the presents.
 Grandpa Sam said that he would change Payton's diaper so we challenged him to do it and he came through. Never thought that he would but he did a good job.  

look at our little boy Payton (minus the pink slippers)
 Payton takes her baby everywhere, especially in her new shopping cart.
 There they are, the three trouble makers. Oh wait it's just Payton that is the trouble maker.  

Good times with Grandma Hartley, we always love spending time with her.  She is always so kind to us.  Plus Payton loved seeing Hercules.