Friday, March 25, 2011

Having a little baby Hartley

Well here I am writing another post, only like nine months later! haha Well once again my awesome sister in law and my husband encouraged me to write another post. So the big news of this is year is that we are having a baby! We just found out what we are having and its a girl!! We are super excited! We have some names but haven't set on just one yet! She is due on August 7th and so far everything looks good! The pregnancy so far hasn't been to bad didn't really have morning sickness which was such a huge blessing, because I am taking 16 credits and working part time! So super busy!! I am starting to show more and I look like I am pregnant which is a little adjustment! A little scared on getting bigger but I guess thats part of being pregnant, but other than that we are super excited to have another little one around! Well hopefully I will be better at this and keep you guys posted with anything new!

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  1. I can't wait to hold this sweet little baby.