Saturday, June 23, 2012

Timpanokee Hike

Nick and I are trying to hike more often around here and get to know where some trails are.  So this week we decided to hike the trail Timapnokee which is  pretty much the trail you go on to hike up Timp.  Unforunately we didn't get to the top its like a 13.5 mile hike up and down.  But we made it about half way, which was a pretty long hike. We also had the joy of having Markie come with us, even though at first she didn't want to come, but in the end she was glad she came! So enjoy the pics!


  1. I'm a model when it comes to pictures haha

  2. I am impresed. Way to go. I think it's great to get out in nature and enjoy it. It was great to see you guys over the past month. It's always a joy.