Monday, July 14, 2014

Sammy's birth story

Well lets start form the beginning at about 3am. I was waking with contractions about every 30 minutes, but I wasn't a hundred percent sure they were the real thing because they were more front lower contractions and with Payton they were lower back contractions. So not wanting to cry wolf, I didn't say anything to Nick. That was a bad idea. I thought that they would go way because the last 2 nights before I was having pains just at night and when I woke up they were gone. So I thought they would go way, and they didn't. I had a doctor apt at noon so I figured I would go to that and see what he says, then let Nick know whats going on.  Once I got to the doctor apt, I was having consistent strong contractions and knew that I was going to have this baby today. He measured me at 4 cm, so he told me to call Nick, have him pick me up on his way home and take me to the hospital.  So I called Nick and my mom right away.  Nick picked me up and I was in lots of pain. We headed to the Hospital, they wanted us to do some paper work, but after being there for like 4 minutes I was like can I go up and start getting an iv so I can get the epidural asap. Once I got up stairs they started the IV and got it in the first time! ya! Then the nurse checked me and I was at a 7cm. I kept on bugging them to get the anesthesiologist. Final about 1:45 the guy came got the epidural in and I was feeling a lot better. Then about 5 minutes later my water broke. Then she dropped to where I was ready to deliver but my doctor wasn't there yet. So we waited for about 20 minutes. The doctor came running in and breathing heavy.  Then he had me push twice for about 10 seconds each and Sammy was out. This time around Nick cut the umbilical cord, which I don't think he really wanted to.

 Sammy Anne Hartley was born on February 24, 2014 at 2:39pm. She weighed 6 lbs 15oz and was 18 inches long.  At first she was struggling breathing a little bit so they had to go take her to the humidifier, so at first I didn't get to see her for a little while which was hard. 

Sammy came out with her right foot not looking like her left one. It scared us at first but the doctors assured us that it was just a positional disability that over time it will look great. 
She is a very loved little girl.  Had lots of visitors that wanted to see her. 
Aunt Allie 

Aunt Jenna
Grandma B
Grandpa B
Uncle Rich 
Aunt Markie 
Cousin Brynnie 
Cousin Bryton 
                                       Papa Hartley
Going Home

We love her so much and glad she is part of our little family. Payton is super excited to be a big sister and have a little sister to adore her. Welcome to the family Sammy Anne 


  1. Yeah for a post! I love that little lady so much. How is it possible to have such instant love…well it is possible I guess! Good work too Kim. Your a machine, I envy that!

  2. Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing. Welcome, little Sammy!