Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bushnell Family Reunion

 Had so much fun going down to St. George for the Bushnell family reunion. We enjoyed playing tennis, going swimming and going to the Wizard of Oz at Tuachan.  Loved spending time with family.
Payton loved the play, she did so well! She was obsessed with the Dog Todo, every time he would go off stage she would notice and ask me where did the dog go.
Teaching her young

She was excited to finally say she is 3!

All the cousins playing outside. 

Sammy was extremely spoiled with everyone fighting over her!
Happy Birthday Payton! 

Game of Bouchie 
Naughty Grandpa. Haha jk I told him he could do it. 

It was so fun to go down there! Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma B for making it happen. Thanks for the hard work and preparation so we could have an enjoyable trip. 

Need to give photo credit to this awesome girl.
Thanks for taking all the picture Kenzie! 

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