Thursday, August 4, 2011

My husband is amazing!

Today I wanted to express my love to my amazing husband! He is such a rock. The last couple of days have been super busy for him and he keeps on going! He goes to school for ten hours and then after goes over to our apartment to start organizing stuff. I am just so grateful for him and his hard work. Today I was admitted to the hospital because I had high blood pressure and they wanted to keep an eye on me for a couple of hours. They told me that I need to take it easy, which means more work for Nick and I don't hear him ever complain that he is pulling my weight. I am just so grateful for his love and willingness to serve. He is such a great example to me in my life and I hope I can help him one day like he has been to me the last couple of days! I love you Nick and thanks for being an amazing husband! -Love your sweetheart.

1 comment:

  1. Glad I trained him well hehe. In all seriousness I hope my Cole has some of his wonderful qualities. He is a great brother too.