Saturday, November 17, 2012

Part 2 of our Summer

Well sorry its been a long time again.  I just have been taking so many photos which is good, but hard to keep up with everything.  Here are some events that happened in the summer.

 Every year we go to Glenda's Cabin with all the girls on the Frampton side. One of my favorite traditions.

 The last Christmas my parents bought us all tickets to the play Wicked. One of the best plays ever!! Was so excited to have Nick see it. We enjoyed our night with the family.
 Well Payton is officially 1 yr old.  Poor girl didn't get a huge party because of my back issue, but I am so glad for family that helped us through that rough week. 
 The girl was very happy to eat some cake... also she is clean in this picture. haha

 That love girl loves chocolate cake.....but who doesn't. 

 Jocey was a sweetheart to come down to help me, to watch Payton while Nick was at school. 
Thanks Jo girl you are an amazing person and I am truly grateful for your help.
Well we made it to Nyssa right in time for some good ole Nyssa sweet corn.
 Grandma Junie had a birthday party for all her grandkids and great grandkids. Payton loved playing in the water.

 Love this picture! Cole is sharing the love (ice cream)

 Gorgeous trail ride.
 They love playing together. 
 Cute present from Gpa and Gma Hartley
 Payton's first tractor!
 Went to the Zoo with Bushnell crew
 She loved see the animals 

 Birdie loved the bird show haha

 Grandkids taking a pic together.
 Cool Dude
 Loved having Kyden and Korbyn home for a little.
 I know this was more the beginning of the summer but Landon got Married.

 One of our Hikes. I love it when the leaves start changing.

Went to Owls game. 
One of my favorite picture of my two favorite people in the world. 

Well thats it for our summer.  It was good one especially with Nick being school. 

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