Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving break


On our way to Nyssa 
 Payton was getting bored in the back seat by herself,  so I entertained her with taking picture of her.
 Getting ready to take family pictures 
 Super cut hair done by Aunt Megan

 Payton did a lot of dancing during the break with cousin Cole
 Some picture of our Ranger ride up to Brundage 

 Another adorable hari do by her amazing Aunt Megan

 The gingerbread house I made 
 Almost everyones gingerbread houses. 

If you want to see a cute video of Payton and Cole dancing go to this link

         This thanksgiving we went up to the cabin in Mccall.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but we sure enjoyed ourselves.  We had some amazing food especially the pies. We played turkey football (our team won), played some basketball, racquetball and went swimming.  I finally beat Smitty in Ping Pong, which was super exciting!!!  We did some crafts including a christmas decoration and making gingerbread houses. Watched a lot of Duck Dynasty which is a very funny show.  Took some family pictures hopefully they turn out good this year. Went on a ranger ride, which was little scary for me and megan.  Payton had more candy in one day than I think she has had in her life, but she loved the attention her uncles and aunts were giving her.  She loved playing with her with cousins and the dogs. We had an amazing time with the Hartley's and glad we had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with them. There are so many things that we grateful for including our family, friends and the gospel.  Enjoy this time of year with the ones you love.


  1. Umm Aunt Megan would love to do her hair daily if possible:( What a cutie bug! I enjoyed the video of them dancing. It is priceless. They are pretty sweet together.

  2. Haha thanks! The fun thing about the video was that I only got 3 mins of it and I am pretty sure they were dancing like that for at least 15 minutes.