Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Patyon's Blessing day!

All my amazing friends that were able to come
Nick's old roommates and wives!
Very lovely grandparents!
Bushnell Family
Hartley and Smith Family
Hartley Fam
Grandma Sydney
All the men that were in the circle
Happy Parents
Love my Miss Payton

My favorite Picture!

Look how big she is getting!

Last Sunday Payton got blessed by her dad Nicholas. It was such a great day, had all our family there to support us and many friends. After the blessing we went over to my parents house to have a brunch, which was super delicious. Thanks for everyone who brought stuff. Thanks mom and dad for letting its do it at your house! It was a little stressful weekend making sure we had everything together, but in the end it was perfect. The Hartley's came down on Saturday and we went to eat and went bowling. Which was super fun to have them down here again. We are so grateful for the people in our lives and that they will be in Payton's live also! Also want to make a shot out to Tad Baker who took this amazing pictures! Thanks Tad we really appreciate that you are willing to share you talent with us!

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