Monday, October 24, 2011

Hiking Stewart Falls!

A couple of weeks ago, I told Nick that I wanted to go on a Hike in the Mtns because right now in Utah the leaves are changing and the trees are absolutely gorgeous! So we decided to hike Stewart Falls.

Well hello Nicholas!

Payton's First Hike! She did great!

When I mention that we sort of got there, we didn't exactly get to the fall. We were in a huge rush, we had some company coming to our house for the BYU game. We didn't realized it was going to take us as long. So we took some pictures up top, but we could still see the falls. It was an absolute gorgeous day and we enjoyed it. Also we got a really good work out, adding another ten pounds helps! haha

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  1. Look at you blogger you! That looks like fun. Next time we come and we need an activity we should do that. We love to go on hikes. PS I want that baby!!!! I miss her. I know she isn't mine, but she is so cute! And she loves her auntie terribly!