Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Payton's first pumpkin carving!

Payton chillin' in her bouncer while we are doing all the work!
Ok while Nick was doing all the work and I was taking pictures
She got a little tired.....surprise surprise

The end result, not the best but we had fun!

Yesterday Nick surprised me with a pumpkin to carve! I have told him since we starting dating that I love to carve pumpkins around this time of year. Well he was a sweetheart and this year we finally did it (even though he hates doing it). We had FHE that night and for our activity we carved a pumpkin. It super fun to start out our new traditions together with our little family. We found out that we aren't the best pumpkin carvers, but we had fun and enjoyed it. We also roasted some pumpkin seeds in the oven, which was fun to try something new.

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  1. looks like fun. We are suppose to get ours this weekend and we are going to paint and put stickers on them as long as we are feeling good.